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Elegant upholstered furniture, classy design and «smart» lighting system will touch any perfectionist. Full-size bed to rest after open air promenade, meetings and other activities. A large bathroom to relax at the end of a hard day. The apartments are divided into several rooms, so even if you stay in a group, there is an option to stay alone.

2-level luxe

For guest who appreciate vast area for leisure time. Two storeys of these splendid apartments are styled in gentle pastel colors offering full relaxation. There is a sofa and a large double bed offering comfortable stay in the two-storey luxe apartment. This is the choice for guests who tend to stay in the really airy room.


Classy room with the large double bed and padded sofa. Suitable for comfortable family leisure time, has the room for 3 people. Thanks to apartment zoning, the space is divided into several «premises»: an entrance hall, a bedroom and a rest zone. There is a shower in the bathroom equipped as per up-to-date requirements.

Semilux room

Large and light-filled room, pastel color interior design. Comfortable double bed, large, soft armchairs, desk. There is a required set of health products in the bathroom. The picturesque scene of the green area from the window.