Oberteich Hotel Conference Hall

If you look for an excellent conference hall in Kaliningrad to meet high requirements of today, you are welcome to contact Oberteich Lux Hotel managers. We allow a spacious room to our clients duly equipped and suitable to hold various events.

As you know, any conference hall for business events should meet high requirements since such events require considering any smallest detail. Therefore, a conference hall rent requires to be very attentive and careful.

To ensure the event on the high class level, the Oberteich Lux Hotel includes the following to the rent price for the conference hall:

  1. relevant equipment available:
    • microphones;
    • projection devices;
    • sound amplifiers;
    • recording devices;
    • flipcharts;
    • TV set, etc.;
  2. air conditioning system in place;
  3. access to high-speed Internet.

Furthermore, when holding conferences, places for meal should be often considered for short coffee breaks. It is to be noted, that discussion of the conference material in a more friendly environment runs smoother if participants may accommodate in comfortable soft chairs for fragrant coffee. Moreover, people tend to communicate with business partners and such relations may be beneficial in future adding significant value to the growth of business.

Rent a conference hall at the Oberteich Lux Hotel in Kaliningrad!

Oberteich Lux Hotel Conference hall is quite spacious to seat up to 50 participants. Soft and comfortable seats, cozy daylight pouring through windows around the hall, the pleasant, softly color range of finish. Such an environment is helpful for participants to set min on business and focus on the event peculiarities.

Placing an order for a conference hall at the Oberteich Lux Hotel in Kaliningrad, you will definitely succeed in holding such business events below:

  • conference, press service reports;
  • business negotiations;
  • presentations, demonstrations;
  • workshops, briefings;
  • corporate meetings;
  • exhibition, webinars, etc.
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