Fitness Studio and Aqua Zone With Swimming Pool and Sauna in the Oberteich Lux Hotel

The Oberteich Lux Hotel offers the Oberclub fitness studio with a large aqua zone and a swimming pool, a water jet, waterfalls, a Finnish sauna and a Turkish bath. Guests of the Oberteich Lux Hotel can visit the studio for free, and guests of the Oberteich Hotel can enjoy a 50% discount!

7 reasons to visit the Oberclub fitness studio or aqua zone right away:

  1. here you won’t be able to put away for later your shift to a healthy lifestyle any longer – it’s time you made your choice!
  2. if you want to get into shape by the next season, you need to start today.
  3. our fitness club is located in the Oberteich Lux Hotel by the Verkhneye lake at the heart of the city. You can easily get there.
  4. the gym hall has state-of-the-art equipment: here you will find a hall with cardio-machines for power exercises and advanced athletics and fitness machines;
  5. preventive and therapeutic massage can help in de-stressing from a hard day’s work or intensive training. Massage is offered by reservation only.
  6. aqua zone featuring a complex of a Turkish bath and a Finnish sauna, a rain shower, a SPA bath, waterfalls and a swimming pool. Guaranteed effect after the first visit!
  7. you can also visit a juice bar after a hard training where you’ll be offered revitalizing drinks to support the right diet.

The Oberteich Hotel offers numerous other services for the Kaliningrad city residents and visitors. The hotel is located in one of the most beautiful parts of the city. Bicycle lovers can rent a bicycle at the hotel and enjoy a well-developed network of bicycle lanes around the Verkhneye Lake. The Verkhneye Lake offers paddle boats for rent, a workout area, SUP surfing and more – a full-fledged experience for active and healthy recreation lovers at a single location!

Sport is back in style again, so it’s high time to beat the laziness and spend some quality time at the fitness club of the Oberteich Lux Hotel.