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Articles on sights in Kaliningrad and in the region

Curonian Spit National Park (Kurshskaya Kosa) in the Kaliningrad region
Distance: 30 km
30 minutes by car
Epha Sand Dune

The north-western part of Russia is the focus of lots of natural sites of beauty which are not known to most people in the region. One of such amazing sites located between the Kaliningrad region and Klaipeda, a town in Lithuania, is the Kurshskaya Kosa (Curonian Spit). This is a narrow sand strip to be the unique nature reserve. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The peculiarity of Spit is that it joins several natural worlds at the single territory and this is why it is often called the «museum of climatic zones». Sand deserts of dunes to be…

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The Luisenkirche (Queen Louise Church) is one of main sightseeings in Königsberg-Kaliningrad
Distance: 5 km
20 minutes by car
50 minutes on foot
The Luisenkirche (Queen Louise Church)

Prior to the war, the capital of East Prussia was a real work of architectural art, however, the Soviet Union aviation bombed the town leaving it in ruins. The Soviet authorities tried their best to liquidate the heirloom so strange for them as quickly as possible with no perception of remaining structure values. Fortunately, the modern Kaliningrad still has some islets of the German past retained. Some of them are restored and operated, the other facilities still await services. The Queen Louise Church is worth noting as the facility that withstood both the war period and the Soviet Union reign…

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Amber Museum in Kaliningrad
Distance: 1,5 km
15 minutes on foot
Amber Museum

The Amber Museum in Kaliningrad is the only museum in our country. No country can boast a museum to show exhibitions of minerals only. This is primarily due to that the amber is one of major landmark of the former Königsberg. Let us describe the building a little. The museum is located in the downtown, in the Tower of Don. It was built in the mid XIX century and was used to be a fortification. Its diameter is 34 meters and height is 12 meters. During the World War II, it was the last tower of strength for city defense…

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Königsberg Cathedral, Kaliningrad
Distance: 5 km
18 minutes by car
Königsberg Cathedral

The cathedral in Kaliningrad is one of the oldest and iconic buildings in the city to be the real symbol of the city. The history of the cathedral dates back to XIV century and is full of noteworthy events and revolutionary turns. The cathedral is built of brick and styled in Gothic. Throughout its long history, the cathedral used to more than a house of worship. Initially, it was designed as a defensive facility. In 1807, it was first used as a military prison. In 1804, Immanuel Kant, a German philosopher, the founder of German classical philosophy was buried at…

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